Back to School with HHK

Seasonal planning for small embroidery businesses is one of the most important things on the never ending to do list. Our customers love all of the important holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, 4th of July, etc, but there's nothing quite like the boom of back to school for a monogramming mama!  

Not only is it also a favorite time to design at SSD, but this year we've added a new special element to our offerings for your stitching business! If you're late to the party, we recently launched a sister brand, Huckleberry Hill Kids where we offer a playful line of upscale, yet affordable blanks, pajamas, and play clothes. Shop bubbles, dresses, sweaters and more that are especially designed to pair perfectly with appliques, minis, and sketch favorites from SSD!


Meet Huckleberry Hill Kids' blue + white striped short sleeve polo romper. The perfect fit for the first day of school. Here we've paired it with the mini school trio design, but peep some other minis we think would be perfect on this HHK blank. 

Speaking of minis...we can't forget about all the lil ladies out there! As if the peter pan collar on the long sleeve bubble wasn't adorable enough, we suggest adding a Southern Sketch design to really elevate the cuteness. Back to school pencils, pumpkins, ballerinas, and everything in between...we can help you stock your shop!

These are just a couple examples of our designs paired with Huckleberry Hill Kids' blanks. Oh, and guess what? We've got a bit of an inventory available for all of you who missed the HHK presale. Limited quantities in only a few designs are up for grabs, so get 'em while you can. Happy stitching, and make sure to tag @SouthernSketchDesigns and @HuckleberryHillKids so we can see how YOU bring back to school style to all your clients. 

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